Legacy: Noel & Ora Perkin (by David Perkin)

As their grandson, Noel and Ora Perkin had a profound impact on my life. They were individuals committed to something greater than themselves and were continually engaging in conversations of value. Those conversations and their lives inspired the formation of the Perkin Foundation.

Grandma Ora was a woman of intense resolve.  She expected much from those around her and held those she loved accountable to a high standard. She instilled in me the importance and value of living a life accountable to God and others.  Her intentional manner demonstrated that while accountability is often challenging, it results in a life of far reaching value.

Grandpa Noel fervently relied on his faith. His pursuit of Jesus was not religion, it was life. His passions were most powerfully exemplified in the priority he gave to others around the world.  As a young child he would engage me, listen intently and give sincere affirmation.  (I have since learned he had the same dynamic with many other family and friends.) He taught me to respect myself as God’s creation and encouraged me to take responsibility beyond what I perceived as my own flawed humanity.  

Grandma Ora and Grandpa Noel taught me that faith in God and accountability to others bring immeasurable fullness in life. Our relationship to God is not isolated within our own persons; it is an active relationship which is pursued through our investment in the lives of others and placing God in His rightful place.   

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